Once we solidified a lease for Karla Otto on the Penthouse at 8380 Melrose Ave we got started on designing the space for use as a showroom/office.  Since this building was undergoing a full remodel, we were provided with a completely blank space (pictured below) that required some modification to not only enhance the aesthetics but also the functionality of the space.


As-Built Photos

Karla Otto Open Office

Karla Otto Patio View

Several space plan options were presented to the client and eventually Karla Otto chose the plan pictured below.  As you can see in the plan, a corridor was created off the elevator to provide a workroom as well as an entryway into the showroom.  The workroom was provided with a kitchenette, work surface, printer station, as well as a server/storage room.  The client expressed concern with the security of the showroom so we had the contractor install a double entry pocket door that appears flush with the wall when in the open position.  We also brought ADT on board to install a wireless security system with cameras.


In the showroom we designed a drywall soffit with indirect fluorescent lighting along the window line and back wall.  This gave the space more depth and provided additional lighting throughout the suite.  We also had Mechoshade window treatments installed on the windows lining Melrose Avenue.  We designed these automatic eco-friendly shades to be hidden behind the drywall soffit when open.  Reclaimed wood flooring with a 4” wood base and recessed lighting on dimmers were specified throughout the suite.  Additionally, custom millwork shelving was installed for the client to showcase high-end fashion accessories.  Across from the conference table we had conduit run and outlets provided for a wall mounted TV and videoconference system.  Stay tuned for updates on the constuction of this project as well as photos of the finished space.

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  1. Karla Otto has chosen a good plan, going really great, keep up the good work! I am quite impressed looking at the plan and design. Good modification work!

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