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Los Angeles office furniture services provider, DMF, specialize in providing exceptional service for medium to large sized companies relocating or remodeling their office space. During this process DMF will manage the furniture selection, purchase, delivery, and installation to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish. We sit down with our clients to develop a space plan, create a furniture budget, and establish a delivery & Installation schedule, so there are no surprises when it is time for your company to move into your new Los Angeles office space. The fit and function of your office furniture should never be an afterthought. By carefully planning the right furniture layout and selecting the appropriate product for your Los Angeles office space, you can creative a positive work environment in which your staff can be comfortable, productive, and happy.

In the event your company needs to dispose of or sell your existing office furniture, DMF can assist you in this process. The logistics of selling used office furniture is very complex and is best handled by an industry professional. In most cases you have to properly market the furniture, negotiate a fair price, and arrange for the disassembly and delivery of the goods. The cost of decommissioning office furniture can sometimes outweigh the value, but other times office furniture can be disassembled, packaged, and delivered to a buyer for a profit. DMF will simplify the entire process and return the highest value of your assets to help offset your cost of relocating.

Office Furniture Services

Office Furniture Relocation

  • Coordinate & Manage Furniture Relocation & Installation
  • Moving Company Selection
  • Plan & Direct Move-In Activities

New & Used Office Furniture

  • Assist Client with Furniture Selection & Procurement
  • Office Space & Furniture Planning
  • Review Furniture Bids from Furniture Suppliers
  • Coordinate & Manage Furniture Installation
  • Work with Data Cabling Consultants to Plan & Manage Cable Installation
  • Coordinate Electrical Connections

Office Furniture Decommission

  • Photograph & Inventory all Product to be Decommissioned
  • Market Product Via Email & Internet
  • Coordinate Dismantling & Relocation of Furniture
  • Coordinate Offsite Warehousing & Storage of Product
  • Coordinate Cleaning & Disposal Services