Los Angeles Office Move

If your business is considering a Los Angeles office move, there are many factors which you MUST consider before doing anything. My name is Douglas McFarland and I am the founder and Managing Director of Redesign, a Los Angeles based office relocation management firm that has been specializing in relocating medium to large sized businesses for 10 years. Our service platform provides us the ability to create customized relocation strategies for our client’s. Each project is unique but they all require strategic planning and involve complex logistics.  Below I have outlined a few important questions we feel you should ask yourself if you are planning a Los Angeles office move:

Have you evaluated the functionality of your current office and developed a growth plan that works for you?

Real estate obligations and related investments in tenant improvements, furniture, equipment, and communications are a key component in any businesses financial plan. It’s important to understand the goals and develop a move strategy. We suggest spending the time to review your existing office and create an office program for the new space based on what works for you.

Are you aware of the “all in cost” to relocate your office space and have you developed a move strategy?

Developing and economical strategy is important prior to effectuating the process. During the investigation phase, we evaluate the re-use of existing furniture, fixtures, and equipment, evaluate your space plan requirements, establish estimated square footage requirements, and develop the estimated relocation budget for our Clients. The information collected is our basis for the space search.

When you find the right office space are you planning a tenant fit-out or landlord build-to-suit?

The right office space and geographical location can be transformative for your company’s brand. Whether the plan is a tenant fit-out or landlord build-to-suit you should not approach this alone. The office space planning process and tenant improvement cost will impact the lease negotiations significantly. It’s important that you have the appropriate representation of your fiduciary interest for this phase of the project.

How will you approach coordinating the project team and managing the technology transition?

There is a long list of vendors involved in a typical project. Diligently requesting proposals and establishing your vendor team at the beginning of the process is important to a successful project. Redesign coordinates the appropriate vendors, sets target dates, and structures a completion plan tailored to our Clients project goals.

Would it be useful for your company to hire a specialist to manage this complex process?

Redesign believes a professional should manage this process.  Hiring a specialist will minimize the hassles of your Los Angeles office move. Let the project manager oversee all aspects of this complex process and act as the single point of contact and liaison for all of the participating agents. The services and industry contacts provided by your specialist will be a valuable asset to the project success.

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