Once the construction was complete and the office furniture was installed the client was eager to move in.  All that was left was the project punchlist and professional photography!


The punchlist is a list of items that need to be finished by the contractor prior to the client move-in date. The goal during construction management is to address as many issues as possible during the weekly meetings, reducing the amount of items on the punchlist.  I find it most beneficial to do the punchlist without the contractor present.  In the past, contractors have intentionally tried to distract me during the punchlist walk to try to make me miss small incomplete items.

Here are the three most common reasons that items make the punchlist:

  • The contractor has overlooked the item during construction
  • There are discrepancies between the construction documents and contractor interpretation.
  • Construction method errors by the sub contractor.

After our punchlist was complete we walked the job site with contractor reviewing each item.  At this point the ball was in his court and he got to work resolving the issues.

Conference Room Glass @ Soffit Above


Light Cove Fascia & Missing Lightbulb



Missing Rubber Base


Photo Shoot

The professional photo shoot is one of my favorite parts of the project!!  This is a very important step and I find it beneficial to hire a photographer who knows what they are doing.  The photos we took will be used to market Redesign Properties so it’s worth a little extra money to make sure they are done right.

There is a lot that goes into preparing and shooting an office space.  It is a time consuming process so selecting the shot locations before the shoot is important.  I selected 8 possible shooting locations and emailed them to the photographer.  Once the photographer was on site I walked them through and asked them for their comments and suggestions.  We had a model stand in a few of the shoots to help give proportions to the space.  Stay tuned for pictures of Ustream’s completed office space on next week’s blog!

Conference Room Shot


Conference Room Shot With Model


Open Office Shot


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  1. You are going really great….Punch lists have several benefits that can be enjoyed by all parties involved with a project. Also high-quality images make a great first impression, thus professional photo shoot is of utmost importance. Your office looks awesome. Nice photo shots are shared.

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