Delivery and installation of Ustream’s ( office furniture was scheduled to be complete in 2 days (minus a couple of items with abnormally long lead time).  The logistics behind the delivery of office furniture from multiple suppliers was extremely complicated and Precision Office Installers ( did an excellent job of coordinating this.

It was very important that all items be delivered while the furniture installation team was on-site to receive the furniture.  The following is the breakdown of how the process came together:

  1. First the office furniture was specified by Redesign. Once our client approved the specifications, we sourced the furniture and had Precision place the order with the furniture suppliers.  Precision negotiated all of the pricing and coordinated the delivery.  Much like the construction materials, most furniture items had a 1-2 week lead-time; a few items had a 5-6 week lead-time.
  2. Next the furniture was shipped from the furniture suppliers via freight truck.  With this project, we were using multiple suppliers from all over the country so it was difficult to coordinate the delivery while meeting our two-day installation deadline.
  3. The multiple freight trucks were coordinated to arrive on site in the early morning so the furniture installers, Showcase Facility Solutions (, weren’t standing around waiting.  There was no loading dock for this building so our only option was to have the trucks unload the office furniture on Sunset Blvd.  We obtained a temporary parking permit from the city, allowing the trucks to unload at a metered zone in front of the building. The furniture installers laid a masonite path in the lobby from the front door to elevators, and another on the 3rd floor from the elevators to Ustream’s suite, in order to protect the flooring.  Once the furniture was staged within the office the installation was ready to start.
  4. Installation began.  The electrical/data was prepped during construction.  Once the workstations were constructed the electrician terminated the cables into the workstations and we were up and running.

Redesign was on-site to oversee the work and resolve any issues that arose.  It is very important for someone from the design team or furniture team to be present when the furniture is delivered.  Since the furniture is handled by multiple vendors during the delivery and installation process, someone other than the installer needs to inspect and make sure all furniture is in perfect condition upon arrival to site.  If this step is skipped you can count on a lot of finger pointing when items are damaged.  In our case everything went to plan and the furniture was installed ahead of Ustream’s move-in date.

Workstation Installation

Workstation Electrical/Data Connection

Reception Desk Installation


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